4 Benefits of Travelling in an Off-Road Camper

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, there’s nothing like hitting the road and experiencing familiar destinations in a completely new way with a camper trailer. Taking the adventure off-road can add a whole new dimension to your travels that may have previously been unavailable to you.

Off-road campers are fast becoming one of the most popular options that Aussies are choosing to get away from it all. If you’re still hesitant to make the upgrade, read on to discover the top four benefits of travelling in an off-road camper.

More Affordable Alternative to a Caravan

While both caravans and off-road campers enjoy a thriving used market, of the two, you’ll find that camper trailers consistently come in at more affordable prices. That’s not to say that caravans aren’t a great way to travel, but often the biggest barrier to entry for anyone wanting to buy their first caravan is the price.

If you still want to experience the joys of open road adventuring but maybe don’t have quite enough money saved to purchase a caravan outright, an off-road camper may be just the solution you’re looking for. Having a camper trailer with off-roading capabilities also means you’ll be able to safely enjoy driving across different terrains and landscapes that an entry-level caravan simply couldn’t withstand.

Less Strain on Your Towing Vehicle

If you haven’t had much towing experience, you may be sceptical as to whether your vehicle will be able to adequately and safely tow an even larger vehicle such as a caravan. Off-road campers are a great way for you to test the waters. Camper trailers are relatively light compared to caravans and other larger vehicles, making it likely that the car you own already will be more than enough to tow. It’s unlikely that you’ll need to upgrade your vehicle in order to pull extra weight.

Easier Storage

Space is likely at a premium where you live, especially if you’re relegated to only having a small yard or garage. This makes the safe storage of a caravan tricky, increasing the chances of weather damage and vandalism occurring.

Due to their compact nature, off-road campers take up minimal space when not in use. This might not be a big benefit if you’re on the road for most of the year, but if you’re somebody who only has time to travel during the holiday periods, being able to safely store your camper trailer anywhere will offer extra peace of mind.

Get Closer to Nature

The increased durability of an off-road camper makes it easier to access areas that other vehicles simply can’t. The added benefit is that being able to go further into the sites you’re visiting means you can experience locations that you travel to fully in a way that you otherwise couldn’t. If you’ve ever envisioned yourself literally camping underneath the stars with the sounds of wildlife soothing you to sleep, an off-road camper is the best way to make that fantasy a reality.

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