4 Hidden Car Rental SG Destinations

Wishing for a journey? Swap travel daydreams for amazing car rental SG road trips. Nevertheless, if venturing to another country isn’t on the cards, we think the next best thing is to discover our own sunny island. That’s why we’re spotlighting the scenic drive courses for a little weekend break expedition.


Lorong Buangkok

Ever wondered what Singapore looked like in the 90s? Check out Singapore’s remaining kampong to find out. This area is an interesting historical spot as it is the last surviving kampong in mainland Singapore.

It would most definitely be interesting to take a look at a piece of Singapore’s background with your own eyes. Old building formats and buildings that your forefathers resided in before HDBs, high condominiums and large workplaces were built.

Lorong Buangkok reminds us of how serene, calm and relaxed Singapore was as contrasted to the frantic and dynamic city we recognize today.

Visit Lorong Buangkok and travel back to the past to experience what it was like to reside in a Kampung. Do pay a visit to there prior to sundown so as not to disturb the residents there.

Jurong Fishery Port

Are you the kind that is still bushy eyed at 1am in the early morning. Why not go to Singapore’s version of the renowned Tsukiji fish market in Japan at Jurong Fishery Port.

The far-flung sides of Singapore’s southwest area is residence to Jurong Fishery port; the beating heart of the fishing industry ever since 1967. This is where the seafood market happens as the fishermen would market their catch to fish merchants. The fish vendors would then offer the fish to a range of consumers that range from swanky dining establishment proprietors, modest hawkers, fishmongers or those who work for the chains of supermarkets in Singapore.

Almost everyday consistently, the fishery port will come to life from 1am to dawn. Rain or shine, the marketplace will be open with folks going about their agenda.

Kranji Marshes

Riding past the Choa Chu Kang burial grounds will lead you to one of Singapore’s most recent park– Kranji Marshes. Not a very big park, yet the small mounts and environment-friendly lawn reminds me a little bit of Hobbiton from Lord of the Rings, particularly when you explore at sunup or sundown in the course of the golden hour.

Sunset Way

Next up, we will drive a car to Sunset Way estate to look for– not the Bukit Timah Railway station– yet the deserted Jurong Line Railway Bridge. These are originally the tracks of the old Malayan KTM train that brought about the Jurong Industrial Estate, yet are now forgotten and corroded. Update: Regrettably, the bridge is fenced up currently as it is volatile. Nevertheless, there are still some good cafes in the location!

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