7 Amenities of Jakarta that Attract International Travelers

If you ever wondered what makes Indonesia one of the top traveler destinations, you are in the right place. This article takes you through seven of the core reasons to consider Jakarta one of your travel destinations.

These are exceptional guest rooms, parks, conference rooms, entertainment, transport, and security.

You will find out how the above factors make Jakarta different from most visited global traveler destinations. What is more?

Find out below.

1.   Parks

Jakarta is home to various national and local parks, such as Suropati, Sepa, Kelor Tabebuya, Thousand, and Pramuka islands.

Suropati park sits in the center of Menteng, with a junction of three streets —Diponegoro Street, Teuku Umar Street, and Imam Bonjol Stree. It is known for its exceptional maintenance and Pokemon Go players there.

Other islands, such as the Kelor islands, are known for their beauty and clear beaches.

Apart from the parks, you can proceed to the Komodo islands for more natural wonders, such as the scary Komodo dragons and panoramic views of Padar islands.

2.   Security

Many travelers visit Jakarta because of the hotel room’s tranquility and security. Most of them want to return to Jakarta to enjoy the welcoming locals and uplifted security in the surrounding areas.

For instance, Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport, the best airport in East Jakarta. It borders the IDAF’s Halim Perdanakusuma airforce. This makes it one of the most secure locations in Jakarta.

Besides, Jakarta is known for its safety. The locals will do anything to protect you. As a result, you can confidently visit the breathtaking parks under the accompaniment of the locals without worrying about the wildlife or locals attacking you.

Additionally, you can make arrangements with your accommodation providers to cater to your travel guide and safety.

3.   Conference and Accommodation

Many global travelers prioritize Jakarta for celebrating special moments. For instance, you can mark your wedding in Jakarta.

This happens mainly due to the welcoming culture and remarkable designs for the occasions. A typical example is the 5-star hotels in Jakarta. Their tranquil environments magnetize honeymoons and birthdays.

4.   Special Guest Rooms

Jakarta hosts a chunk of international travelers because of its room sizes and the unlimited number of activities you can undertake in them.

For example, a single traveler can find a room that suits their lifestyle. Likewise, a couple or whole family can locate room sizes that fit their traveling needs and financial capabilities.

5.   Entertainment Rooms

Apart from having the perfect guest room, Jakarta possesses entertainment rooms. For example, you can meet your entertainment tastes, such as favorite intelligent gadgets and Wi-Fi connections.

The best entertainment halls possess smart TVs for the traveler’s maximum control and satisfaction. You have access to distinguished theater halls. Also, you can throw parties at various locations and times.

6.   Cruising and Swimming

Jakarta is endowed with several outdoor entertainment avenues such as cruising and swimming. There are several affordable boat cruising, sailing, and water tours in Jakarta.

They take around the attractive Jakarta islands and parks to build memories.

7.   Transport

Jakarta has some of the best transport networks in the world. They include world-class roads, airports, and boats. The accessibility and affordability of Jakarta make many travelers and tourists prioritize it.

Examples of the speculator Jakarta roads are Jalan Jaksa Street, Jalan Sudirman, and Thamrin street. Some of the best driving Indonesian driving roads are found in Jakarta.

Most international travelers land at Jakarta’s business district on streets such as Jalan Sudirman. Examples of such airports are the Soekarno Hatta International Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Key Takeaway

Jakarta, Indonesia attracts many international travelers due to its strategic geographical position, infrastructure and amenities.

Some of the facilities include classic airports, conference rooms, entertainment, and guest rooms. Here, you can throw parties, team meetings, and family celebrations.

You have security and privacy arrangements to ensure your entertainment is not disrupted.

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