A Complete Guide of Best Tourist Places in Malaysia

Malaysia a country that never ceases to amaze.  Inside of the country still lingers cultural aspects that are reminiscent of its past glorious eras. Even today, the customs and traditions of those resplendent eras are practiced in daily life.

Malaysia is a country blessed with natural beauty. Sprawling clean beaches, heritage sites, beautiful islands, adventure spots, and quaint towns. All of these and more are characteristic of this tourism laden destination.

A Malaysian tour is one of food tours, cultural tours, relaxation, adventure and nature travels. Get a bus ticket online and travel the country at your own pace. The country is blessed with a natural terrain that breeds biodiversity. Every inch of this land has something exciting to see, smell, sense and experience. The following are some of the many tourist places in Malaysia worth visiting.

Langkawi Island

Made up of 99 islands, the Langkawi archipelago is a picturesque destination. Flanked by the turquoise sea, the main island, the Langkawi Island has jungles and paddy fields. Nature lovers will find this place a perfect setting. The fine-grain sand on the beaches, or the peaceful swaying coconut trees are all small aspects of a blessed land that resonates with the natural riches of nature. Tourists throng this place for a popular activity called diving, because the waters surrounding this island are ideal for this activity. There is also the Underwater World Langkawi and the Cable Car as some other options. These are some of the many things to do in Langkawi Island. Purchase a bus ticket online and reach this place to enjoy its treasures.


Penang is a Malaysian state. Despite rapid urbanization, nature and parks are abundant in this region. A substantial portion of the state has been protected as forest reserves. Penang Hill is one such highly forested area that is most visited. It is considered the lung area of Penang Island. Near the hills, are the Penang Botanical Gardens and George Town. Both are prominent parks. The Penang National Park also deserves mention. It holds the status of being the world’s smallest park. Penang has a terrain that is filled with mangrove swamps, tranquil beaches, hiking trails, rainforests etc. It is a perfect setting for trekkers, hiking enthusiasts and campers.


The Kinabantangan is another Malaysian state. The Kinabantangan River is a well-visited natural water body here. The terrain of this region is comprised of rainforests. There is a thriving wildlife sanctuary where exotic species of birds and animals can be found. Borneo elephants, proboscis monkeys, and hornbills walk, run and fly on these lands. Several caves in this region house echo locating swiftless and Diplommatinidae snails. Gomantong Caves is the largest of them. People visit this region for nature trails, jungle camping, wildlife tours and more.

Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu is a popular hiker’s paradise. The biodiversity of this region is spellbinding. The botanical riches here will make plant and nature lovers feel in a paradisiacal land. Plant species found here are of Indomalayan and Himalayan origin. There is a staggering 6000 plant species thriving at this place. A reason for the biodiversity of this place is its unique location. The natural habitat of the region ensures that numerous bird and animal species thrive here too. This is the place where to find the Dulit frogmouth, rhinoceros hornbill, bare-headed laughingthrush. About hundred and more mammalian species are found here too. Climbers arrive at Mount Kinabalu to ascend the mountain. Stay is at overnight mountain huts. Per day about 130 people are allowed to climb. Because of the limited number of beds at the mountain stays.

Sipandan Island

Considered by many as amongst the best places to visit for diving in Malaysia, Sipandan is an oceanic island. The underwater visibility ensures that divers get a stunning experience witnessing the colorful marine life. Found in these clear waters are schools of barracuda and reef sharks. Travel around the island on a bus ticket.  An interesting fact about Sipandan Island was that it started off as a bird sanctuary. Currently it is a marine lovers’ favorite destination. More than 3000 species of fish are found here. Sipandan Island’s ecological riches have been classified by environmentalists as amongst the richest and most bio-diverse. To dive in these waters, one requires a dive permit. Only limited diving is allowed, capped at close to 200 a day. Divers can opt for diving up to 3 times. Dive resorts provide the permits.

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