Bus Or Van? What Is The Best Way To Get People To The Event?

When planning any event, the issue of logistics is always quite delicate. This is because it is necessary to take people to the event safely, comfortably, and in the time designated by the event schedule. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid accidents, complaints, and delays of the participants. In this way, it is also necessary to think about the means of transport chosen to move the event’s participants according to the demand, the number of passengers, and the needs of the event.

The buses and vans which can be hired in infinity transportation company or other rentals re usually the means of transport chosen over such cases. However, these two transports to take people to the event depend on many factors and have advantages and disadvantages in each of them. Find out more:

Bus To Take People To The Event

The buses are suitable for transporting up to 45 people seated. In addition, they have space to accommodate suitcases, backpacks, and passengers’ belongings with greater comfort. The buses are also ideal for long distances, travel that passenger needs space to sleep or relax. When choosing, it is worth getting to know the company and the facilities of this means of transport to ensure quality and comfort.


One of the main advantages of the bus like in infinity transportation company for instance is in terms of space and comfort that passengers have during the tour. In addition, the bus is also equipped with a bathroom and reclining seats, which guarantees an even greater structure for trips over long distances. Remember: passengers must be seated.


The main disadvantage of renting a bus to take people to the event is dealing with a very large group of people. That’s why the organization is critical! Participants need to be identified and buses too, to ensure that no one gets lost. Another disadvantage is that buses are usually slower than vans and private cars. These increases travel time.

Van To Take People To The Event

Renting a van to take people to the event is an excellent alternative for groups of up to 14 people and short distances. The van is ideal for accommodating people who need to arrive simultaneously and quickly at the event. However, it does not offer the comfort that buses have when carrying your belongings, or even better-sleeping accommodation, for example.


The main advantage of the van is speed. She can cover the same distance traveled by bus in much less time. Therefore, it is ideal for traveling within the city in smaller groups. Also, groups with fewer people are easier to manage.


The disadvantage of the van to take people to the event is that it does not offer the necessary comfort for passengers in case of long-distance trips. To this end, this means of transport should be avoided, being more suitable for short distances.

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