Museums of Cap Ferrat: make good use of your time

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat has hosted royalty, heads of state, stars, and celebrities since the early nineteenth century, making it one of the world’s most exclusive destinations. It has retained its distinct, unspoiled charms throughout history. The city and its port exude sophistication, style, and a high standard of living. Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, near Nice, Cannes, Cap d’Antibes, and Monaco, […]

Explore the quiet and timeless elegance of the Mangusta 130

Discover the elegance and beauty of the 39.65-meter Mangusta superyacht, the 130. Created by the leading brand from the Overmarine Group, this versatile open-style yacht blends the best of luxury, high performance, and speed in one. The ideal vessel for island hopping through the Mediterranean or Caribbean, her refined and timeless design was awarded the […]

Why it’s smart to own a yacht with other people

If you like luxury yachts but don’t want to buy or rent one on your own, yacht co-ownership may be the best option for you. Even though some people still don’t think it’s a good idea to own a yacht together, the benefits of yacht co-ownership have been shown over the past few years. Even […]

Get Air BNB Property Management Noosa

If you have properties or a property that you are looking to rent out in Noosa, you will want to try to figure out the best way to manage it. A lot of people are opting for property management services because it makes it much easier. If you are looking to take advantage of the […]

Everything You Need To Know Before Paddleboarding For The First Time

Standing atop a paddleboard and navigating the water might look easy when you’re standing upon the shore but, especially for those venturing out for the first time, it isn’t as casual a task as it seems. Even without waves testing your balance, paddleboards require a certain amount of confidence and dexterity, as well as an […]

The Best Beach Clubs on the French Riviera

The French Riviera has been the hot spot for the rich and famous for now decades, with Cannes and Antibes being home to the Fitzgeralds and Picasso, Nice welcoming the Russian Tsars and Monaco being the home of the world’s largest fortunes. Coming down south for a fairer climate, with warm summers and tempered winters, […]

An affordable option for Flying with a Commercial Airline

Flying with a commercial airline can be expensive, so if you’re looking for an affordable option, consider hiring a private jet. Private jets offer much convenience and flexibility not found in traditional flying, such as the ability to fly at your own pace and choose your destination. Many private jet charter companies offer great deals […]

Take Full Advantage of Hong Kong Disneyland’s Magic Day

Hong Kong Disneyland is the ideal destination for a family to vacate entirely for enjoyment. Take a Hong Kong Disneyland one day ticket with your family and experience this kingdom of amazing adventures. This is when one’s vivid childhood fantasies of a magical place come to life. One of the largest and best Disney theme […]

 5 Tourism Trends That Are Shaping the Future of Cultural Travel

In today’s global tourism market, trends have been changing that are shaping the future of travel for many people. The Covid-19 pandemic gave so many of us a much deeper appreciation of travel. When borders were closed and there were so many restrictions in place, that yearning for travel became even greater and it’s when […]

Real estate in Greece: prices & income

Greece offers a rich history and culture, a pleasant climate, and excellent cuisine – and yet it is the cost of living in Greece, which is one of the lowest in Europe, that is considered by many ex-pats as a key asset of this country. Cost of living As in the case of any other […]