Features To Look For In A Short Term Rental Apartment

If you need a place to stay for a short time, rental apartments would be a good option. Rental apartments are self-contained living spaces designed to live for a short time. Rental apartments are also called hotels because of having interior structure and design. One can find rental apartments through corporate housing markets. The rental apartment housing industry is seen as one of the famous and most prominent. It is affordable and cost-effective, and you can stay here for months without even worrying budget. Rental apartment’s regim hotelier Bucuresti is cheaper than most hotels and resorts. The standard facilities provided by the housing corporation for rental depend on their company rules and policies. The average procedures involve credit scores, damages, deposits and much more. The kind of facilities offered in a rental apartment depends on the service by that company. Here are the services that every tenant should look for in their apartments.


No matter where you stay or which city, it is always necessary to live in a safe area. The location of the rental apartment plays a significant role, as having an apartment near a market is beneficial. Most people look for apartments regim hotelier Bucuresti near their offices and homes. People tend to compromise on location over the facilities when living in their desired area.


The expenses, including apartment rent, security deposit, and electricity bills, all depend on the rental apartment’s appliances. The flat cost is decided by the furniture given with the apartment. If it’s fully furnished, it is generally expensive. Many people who are new to the city or want to avoid the process go typically to semi or fully furnished homes regim hotelier Bucuresti. In cases where people migrate for jobs or education, always go for fully or semi-furnished to prevent any additional expenses.


Security plays a significant role in short-term rental homes that people consider while looking for places. Apartments with cameras, security guards, fences, and digitalized locks are given more importance. Even street light plays a significant role in regulating security around the area.

Services Offered

People tend to settle with just basic amenities provided by the apartments like electricity, water, and security. However, features like appliances and furniture available in the house make an apartment regim hotelier Bucuresti different from others. The housing society or the online websites act as a great mediator between the apartment owner and the client.

Other Factors

The house’s good condition and space are essential for the tenant to consider. Even with security, the place should be equipped with gyms, swimming pools, and a play area for children. Adequate water supply is also another primary concern for the tenants. Also, some buildings are even equipped with water tanks which will be helpful as an additional supply of water. Some other essential features involve accessible parking facilities for the people living. Street parking can be hazardous for cars, so the building should have parking facilities.

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