Horse Betting Systems

Wary of going public with bet strategies? Horse Betting Systems is a gambling system; in fact, it is one of the most unique ways of getting started on gaming. Most of the betting software that is available online makes use of your patience, and as time goes, your chances of expertise experience a steep upswing. You’re advised to check out with the results as they show the odds for all horses in each race. You don’t need to inside information or the X-factor called “luck” to make money by betting on horses. The most tactful with which you can beat the touts is by using the logic they use to beat you.

The Logic System

This is based on the fact that almost a third of horse races are won by the favorite. If you bet on 6 races a day, you should logically win 2 out of 6. To succeed, pick a horse winner a day. Buy a newspaper or log in. Find a meet with at least 6 races, staking 2% in each race on the favorite. Bet on the favorite horse if your odds are 11/8 or better.

Most Horse Betting Systems are scientifically designed with the emphasis laid on mathematical reasoning. Well, you don’t have to be a math expert for that. Simply make use of your common sense and numerical laws to turn a small bank balance into a neat fortune. Most people lose out on the money for they are in want of a system. Another reason is, they hardly understand that mathematics is the deciding factor, not luck, grade or instinct.

Remember, no system is 100% guaranteed. Each has a losing streak at some point of time. Hence, a starting bank is required to cover the falling bets. You can start with any amount of money you prefer, although some bookmakers may have a minimum bet size. Never blow up the entire bank on a single race! Stick around with the staking plan.

Racing to Win by “Statistician”

Lay your bet on the table soon with racing to Win by “Statistician” to your aid! For the beginner, this is one of the unique gaming guides a racing enthusiast can acquire and make the most of. Gambling Betting System helps you analyze the different horse racing systems and take your pick accordingly. Choose the one that guarantees the optimum profit and bet, and go with it without a hitch. Racing to win by “Statistician” is a paperback edition authored by an anonymous writer who fashions himself as the Statistician. The volume was published in 1987.

You will be mistaken to think that the book is outdated and of little use to the modern day punter. This is where the magic lies! Racing to win is nominally prices. It can be bought for as little from Amazon. The book as well as the cover design is well laid out and this is deservedly matched by the writing style and can be put to use by novices and pro horse punters alike. This is a tome of only 79 pages based on statistical data, doing full justice to the author’s name. The catch lies in the fact that this information is relevant in the present day as well.

A striking characteristic of racing to win by “Statistician” is that it is gaming system made easy. The tools of the new casinos online gambling and horse racing plans are incredible useful and supported by well explicated examples. With the help of this publication, you’ll learn that you can also pick the winners by the Key Races all through the season, including the Classics, top sprint and the top jumps races. In addition to this, the book racing to Win contains a follow up or track guidance of the most crucial betting trends that are prevalent at all race courses in Britain including percentage of winning favorites and the effect of the draw.

What you note is that the systems that have been employed here are not too complex, added to which is the fact that they are based more on the strike rates without delivering any real profit. This book also gives you some good alternate strategies for laying multiple bets.

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