List Of Best Nightclubs in Australia

Australia is known for relaxing, unwinding, and hanging out with your friends during a vacation. The country is fun-loving and has laid-back nature that attracts tourists all year round. Also, when it comes to partying, we can see that Australians are strict believers.

After a long day’s work, they like being in pubs, nightclubs, and Brisbane stripclubs. So, if you are in Australia and thinking of exploring its nightlife, some outstanding foods, drinks, and music, this blog will help you out.

Best Nightclubs in Australia

The list of nightclubs in Australia are:

Chinese Laundry, Sydney

Chinese Laundry is one of the largest and longest-running nightclubs in Sydney. The venue is renowned internationally for regularly hosting international, interstate, and local artists spanning house, electro, tech, bass, hip-hop, party mash-ups, and breaks. The three-room, an outside courtyard, quality sound system, and an intimate underground environment make it the most loving place of Australia among its people as well as tourists.

Prohibition, Brisbane

Being both a bar and a nightclub, Prohibition has to offer every patron amazing memories and experiences. It has three diverse and meticulously designed separate bar areas and even constitutes a place where the visitors can enjoy the way they like. Above all, the club is the best place for hanging out with your friends for some special occasion or if you are thinking of experiencing a new nightclub.

The Sub Club, Melbourne

In Melbourne’s Sub Club, the line between art projects and nightclubs has faded. The club is an amalgamation of immersive events supporting subcultures and motivating conscious all-inclusive clubbing. It is the only basement venue in Melbourne that has a 10000 watts sound system that will provide you with not just mere entertainment but with a boutique experience.

Home, Sydney

Home is Sydney’s superclub that overlooks Darling Harbour and has three levels of purpose-built clubbing space. After Chinese Laundry, this venue is the largest club in the Southern Hemisphere. It has gone through multiple renovations and revamps, thereby making the music policy of the club broad, spanning R&B, techno, party jam, house, and electro.

Marquee, Sydney

Marquee is an award-winning nightclub and a perfect venue for music lovers and celebrities alike. You can witness an unbeaten line of local and international artists every week. From Calvin Harris, Bruno Mars, Drake to Post Malone, Tiesto, these top artists make the club alive with their amazing music. Therefore, whenever you are planning to visit Australia, do not forget to explore this club too.

Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne

Last but not the least, Revolver Upstairs is Australia’s most respected nightclub that is known for its late-night DJ spots. It also hosts interstate and international touring DJs of Australia.


The above-mentioned nightclubs of Australia are known for their different facets of personality. Not only beautiful locations, hills, museums, but the country also has a lot of things to offer in terms of fun and entertainment. Hence, visiting Australia will be incomplete if you do not explore its nightclubs at all.

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