Looking for a Cheap Flight? Here are 5 Ways to Reduce International Flight Cost

An International flight can cost you a lot if you make a booking without exploring all the options or in a hurry. Here are a few tips that will help you out in these kinds of situations so that you can book your ticket at a low price.

International flights tend to be costlier than the domestic ones. Hence, it becomes essential to find strategies to cut the cost of International flight tickets. Read the tips below on how to do it without affecting the quality of your trip.

5 Ways to Reduce International Flight Cost are

  1. Book in Advance or Last Minute – Booking your flight ticket in advance will give better prices than an instant booking. If you plan to visit a place in peak season, book your tickets during the off-season to get low prices with extra discounts. However, sometimes, last-minute bookings can also fetch you some good rates, especially if you already have a visa for the country you are visiting. This is because obtaining a visa may usually require a few days to even weeks. However, in case of last-minute cancellations by other passengers, these tickets are up for grabs at very low prices. However, this is a gamble and can backfire.
  2. Change the Day and Time of your Travel – Flight prices fluctuate between the different times. You can usually find low prices flight after dusk till dawn. Late-night flights are usually cheaper than the morning or afternoon flights. While an inconvenience to the passengers, it can be worth it for the price you pay.

 Same goes with the day of the week. Some days of the week and some dates in a month are busier than others jacking up the ticket prices. Avoid booking tickets around the festival season or the weekends to get a better deal. Moreover, check the festive season in the country you are visiting too. For instance, ticket prices for flights to Dubai during the shopping festival can be quite high.

  1. Opt For Low-Cost Airlines: When flying, domestic or international, you have the option to choose between a full-service airline and low-cost airlines. While low-cost airlines come with reduced benefits, they make up for it in the prices offered. Do note that low-cost airlines may not offer you in-flight meals or drinks as opposed to full-service international carriers.
  2. Add One Stop to the Flight – There are high chances that this option will cut down the fare. Direct flights are usually cheaper than the flights with multiple stops. Choosing a flight with 1 stop or more will reduce the flight cost but increase your inconvenience. Moreover, you may be asked to deboard a flight and board another one which can further increase your troubles. Lastly, do check visa requirements in the transit country. While mostly you may not need a visa, but if you’re changing airport terminals or are exiting from the airport entirely, you may need to apply for a transit or tourist visa which can cost you extra.
  3. Earn/Redeem Miles: Another great way to reduce your international flight cost is to earn miles on your ticket booking. Whether you are taking a Mumbai to Dubai flight or Delhi to London flight, make sure you earn some miles along the way. While some loyalty programs restrict you to one or two airlines if you wish to earn or redeem miles, some can let you earn miles across many airlines, giving you more flexibility.

These tried and tested tips can help you make your International travel affordable and memorable. Try as many of these as you can to reduce the overall flying expense, not book a ticket in a hurry as you might have to bear losses. Happy travelling.

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