Off Road Campers – What Are They & What Makes Them Such a Great Choice?

Off road campers are the only way you can travel to some remote camping spots in Australia. This type of camper has recently surged in popularity amongst the camping community due to its durability and ability to grant access to secluded locations that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible. This article will take a look at what an off road camper is as well as why you might consider using one on your next outdoor adventure.

What is an Off Road Camper?

Off road campers are similar to their on road counterparts, but they have a few key differences that differentiate them and enable them to traverse harsher terrain. For starters, an off road camper typically has a reinforced chassis in order to help it cope with rough terrains and the extreme conditions that often accompany off-roading. Tyres as well as suspension are typically upgraded in order to allow the camper to grip uneven terrain and also make it easier to tow.

An off road camper is also designed to handle a variety of different driving conditions and scenarios that an on road version is simply not engineered for. Basically, an off road camper looks similar to an on road camper except it’s built to withstand harsh terrain and is overall far more durable than an on road camper.

Are They Harder to Tow?

While having a more durable camper trailer that can seemingly handle any driving situation you find yourself in sounds great in theory, it does come with a few caveats. For instance, the extra weight that comes from the upgraded components and exterior of off road campers means they can put a greater strain on your towing vehicle.

While this can be easily offset by correctly calculating your vehicle’s towing capacity and then finding an off road camper to match, the towing experience is far different from towing an on road camper. The extra weight means you’ll need to be aware of what is happening behind you while driving at all times, meaning towing an off road camper will be a true test of your abilities as a driver. It’s recommended to go on a few practice runs before venturing out fully so you can get a feel for how all the mechanisms work together and learn to compensate for the sway towing the extra weight causes.

Are They Better Than On Road Campers?

Off road campers are better than on road campers in certain situations and contexts. With the added durability and opening up of more travel possibilities come the downsides of more strain on your towing vehicle as well as the need to concentrate and be more aware as a driver. They typically also cost more than on road campers, so if budget is a concern, this is a key consideration. However, if accessing some truly remote or difficult to traverse locations is a priority for your travels, an off road camper may be the only option that can grant you access to some of these places.

Ultimately, whether one is better than the other will depend on your overall lifestyle and the kind of travelling you’re intending to do. An off road camper can grant you access to more areas than an on road camper, but the extra weight can make them cumbersome to travel with if you primarily travel on road.

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