Online Live Discussion Organized by Boat International

The ongoing situation has caused a lot of uncertainty for different businesses across the globe. But what will happen to the yachting industry? This answer will be given by some panel speakers at the Annual Sailing Yacht Summit organized by Boat International. A live discussion will be held online for the first time on the cited topic. The viewers will be able to enjoy and listen to the experts as they discuss the future of the yachting industry. The discussion has been named Life Under Sail and it will be informative and interesting for those who love to sail or are attached to the sailing industry.

Viewers can expect to see all the leading figures from the yachting and sailing industry in this online event where they will be discussing on what impact the coronavirus is going to have on this sector, how the businesses and the industry should respond to the challenges, and what innovations will help them to secure the market of sailing yacht in the future.

Stewart Campbell, the Editor for Boat International will be seen as the host for this session and he will be joined by a panel of yachting industry experts including Italian Sailing Experts and professionals. Among the experts who have been approached to take part in the live discussion about the future of the yachting and sailing industry are Baltic Yachts Executive Vice President, Henry Hawkins, Southern Wind Shipyard Commercial Director, Andrea Micheli, and Nautor Group CEO, Giovanni Pomati. They will be seen in the panel of speakers for this online event.

It is expected that the professionals and experts from the industry will not only speak about its future but also about the measures and precautions that the businesses and organizations should take to make the people feel safe. They are also expected to say how they should deal with the already lost and increase their demand in the future. There are a lot of things that the industry leaders and businesses have to do now to maintain stability.

It is also known that this live discussion will touch slightly on the necessity and importance of sailing races to its owners and what kind of design and structure they should opt for their yachts for the growth and development in the business. At the end of the discussion Life Under Sail organized by Boat International, there will be a round of questions and answers where the viewers can ask questions directly to the panel of speakers. This round will help many viewers to get the answers to their questions if they have any after listening to the discussion.

The online Annual Sailing Yacht Summit is a great initiative taken by Boat International as people will be able to interact with the experts of the sailing yacht industry and get to know how they can step ahead for a better future amidst the pandemic situation where they cannot step outside their homes. The online live discussion Life Under Sail by Boat International is scheduled to take place on 20th May.

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