Reasons Why A Cigar Travel Case Is An Important Accessory

Any cigar aficionado will attest to the importance of owning a quality cigar case. For protection, portability as well as being a quality accessory, a cigar case is essential. Cigar cases have improved in style and substance over the years, and now they can be as luxurious, utilitarian, or as personalized as any person desires.

Different Options For A Cigar Case

Large cigar cases designed for optimum storage may hold as many as 50 cigars, although a cigar case with space for 25 is much more common. Cases intended for easy transportation may only hold up to 6 cigars.

A cigar travel case is made for keeping cigars for longer periods of time, and is most often designed to include the function of a humidor. A quality cigar case will also have storage for important accessories such as lighters, cigar cutters, and more.

Leather is the preferred material for wrapping cigar cases, while the interiors are most often made of cedar wood. This combination offers the best balance of durability and functionality, according to many connoisseurs.

Why You Need A Travel Case

A high-quality cigar case for travel is characterized by an exterior made of a sturdy, resilient material that keeps the cigars inside moist and saves them from getting dried out or being smashed. Any other added feature is only limited by personal taste. Some prefer a leather case, while others are more inclined to use a hard shell. Hard shells can be made from any number of materials. Then there is a cigar tube, which will contain just one cigar.

Benefits of Using A Travel Cigar Case

Travel cigar cases give you the freedom to take your cigars anywhere and keep them protected on the move. It is critical to keep your cigars at a temperature that does not exceed 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also critical to maintaining the right relative humidity, which should be approximately 70%.  Cigar cases act as a cover, protecting the delicate cigars inside from harm. A number of travel cigar boxes also have the extra feature of keeping moisture levels high to keep the cigars in perfect condition, a guarantee of absolute freshness when you are ready to enjoy your cigar.

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