Royal Holiday Vacation Club: Budgeting for Vacation Clubs

It’s a shame what has happened to vacations. More than half of Americans let their paid vacation days from work slip by without using them. One of the fears of going on vacation is the expense. Most think it’s an expense beyond their reach in these inflationary times. 

Vacation clubs like Royal Holiday Vacation Club offer an affordable solution for those needing time away. Vacation clubs have many benefits over other types of travel and can even save you money. 

What Are Vacation Clubs?

Vacation clubs are different from timeshares or even travel clubs. Buying a property deed with a timeshare and a travel club forces you to travel in groups to pre-determined locations. 

A vacation club allows its members to spend time at any of the resorts in their collection. Joining a good vacation club with many high-end resorts and amenities means you could get a better vacation than you could normally afford. 

How to Budget for a Vacation Club Membership

Every vacation club has different ways to pay, with some paying monthly and others requiring annual membership payments. Regardless, there are easy ways to budget for a vacation club membership. 

One of those is with a vacation club account, available at many financial institutions. A vacation club account is like a savings account, but its use is for vacations. It keeps money separate from your savings and checking accounts, and you withdraw it to pay for things like vacation clubs. 

It is possible to have the regular vacation club payment withdrawn automatically from your vacation club account so you never worry about it interfering with your other bills or savings. 

Saving money for a vacation club takes a little commitment because it is an additional expense, but it becomes easier once it becomes part of your budget. 

An easy way to ensure you are saving for club membership is to have an amount of money drafted from your checking account monthly and automatically put into your vacation club account. That is a no-fuss option you never have to worry about.

A question to ask is whether a vacation savings account gains interest. That could mean more money for you to enjoy on your time off!

A benefit of paying for a vacation this way and using a travel club is you can come up with a lot of money as vacation time approaches. The membership is there so the bulk of the vacation is already paid for. You can save to have extra spending money instead. That starts your vacation with less stress, and looking forward to more fun and exciting adventures.

Benefits of a Vacation Club

The benefits of joining a vacation club include options to stay at various properties, access to upscale resorts at more affordable prices, personal concierge services during your stay, and a complimentary travel planning service to help you coordinate all your trips. 

You can take your vacation anytime and anywhere you choose, as long as there are available reservations. You have control as you do when planning a typical vacation and aren’t stuck with a group or forced onto a tour you don’t want. 

A hat, camera, and book on a blanket at a beach that you can travel to with Royal Holiday Vacation Club

Taking a Royal Holiday

Royal Holiday Vacation Club offers a variety of travel options for couples, singles, and families. It has 180 destinations in 52 countries. From Florida water parks to cruises, snow skiing, casinos, historical tours, and relaxing resorts, Royal Holiday has various membership options that allow you to explore even if you’re on a budget.

You can tie a flight to your destination. Royal Holiday also has loyalty and referral programs and other optional benefits that allow you to craft your dream vacation at an affordable price. 

One of the best things about this vacation club is that most packages have a travel expert who will help you plan your trip. That is included in the package. That means you won’t spend hours researching things to do or how to get there.

Saving Money with Royal Holiday

Figures show the average cost of a vacation for a couple is $3,838 a week and $1,578 for a single person. That is average, excluding an upscale resort and other higher-end options. 

With Royal Holiday, you pay for a membership and get credits. You use the credits to pay for your vacation based on their listings in the credit level you want to spend, so vacation accommodations are included in the membership. Your membership can include seasonal offers, promotions, and special rates on extra nights, making it even more affordable. 

Those who want to take more than one vacation yearly will save the most money with a vacation club membership rather than paying for each vacation individually because of what is included. 

However, Royal Holiday Vacation Club includes so much in their destinations that saving money is normal instead of scheduling and planning typical vacations. This is true especially at high-end resorts and other elite venues.

The best way to decide if a vacation club fits into your budget is to figure out how much money you would normally spend on vacations. Add those up and compare them to the membership price. Also, take a look at what your budget would afford you if you booked it yourself versus what a club like Royal Holiday Vacation Club offers. It may be worth a few dollars more if you can upgrade your vacation to one of privilege.

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