Safe Vacations and Travel are Royal Holiday’s Top Priority During the Pandemic

Like most every other industry, the pandemic has created a bit of a people in the world of travel and vacations – but companies like Royal Holiday Vacation Club want to make sure that their guests understand just how serious they take their health and wellness.

Royal Holiday has implemented a whole host of safety protocols specifically revolving around the coronavirus and the current global pandemic, safety protocols that ensure each and every guest is kept as safe as humanly possible while still being able to enjoy a true top-of-the-line holiday experience.

Here are just a few of the ways that the Royal Holiday Vacation Club is keeping its guests protected.


Well, before a guest arrives at any of the Royal Holiday destinations, each and every room that has been reserved undergoes a deep clean and sanitation process, preparing it for vacationers so that they can walk right into their room without any anxiety at all.

Rooms are cleaned and sanitized with Ecolab products, a Room Check certification (with Crystal International Standards followed) is conducted, and housekeeping is provided with all of the tools and supplies necessary to maintain rooms in picture-perfect – and deeply clean – condition throughout your stay.

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival, all guests will see exactly how the Safe Guest Program from the Royal Holiday Vacation Club works up close and personal!

Guests will see how frequent room checks are, how food is inspected to guarantee the maximum levels of hygiene are followed every step of the way, that each and every bit of water provided to guests – for bathing, drinking, or swimming in – it’s crystal clear and free of contaminants, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

All guests are encouraged to maintain social distances of 5 feet apart from those not in their party and are also encouraged to wear masks when they are indoors and in relatively close proximity with other guests.

Visitors to Royal Holiday accommodations will also see how every member of the hospitality and support staff works to keep things clean, from free offers of complementary sanitary gel provided to all guests on a regular basis to the bellboy wiping down and disinfecting luggage to the full medical teams that are available on staff at all times, too.

Non-Intrusive Results That Really Work

Most impressively, however, is how well Royal Holiday Vacation Club has been able to work the safety protocols into their day-to-day operations without detracting from the restful, relaxing, and entertaining vacation experience.

Sure, some of these initiatives are going to feel a little out of place at first – even a year into the global pandemic.

But sooner rather than later (often within just a few minutes of your stay), the hard work being put into keeping guests safe sort of fades into the background. Guests are able to relax, unwind, and enjoy a vacation on their terms while knowing full well that they are being kept as well protected and as safe as possible.

That’s a huge part of the Royal Holiday Vacation Club difference and why so many are choosing these accommodations and resorts over any others right now!

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