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Musical theater has a long and illustrious history and the Theater District in New York is the prime location for the best musicals. Native New Yorkers pack the theaters each season. They are joined by tourists who are advised to be sure to see the latest hot show while they are in town. Classic shows are frequently revived allowing new audiences to experience the thrill of seeing them live.

But musicals are not limited to the Big Apple. Broadway musicals tour the country and are performed in other major cities. Las Vegas prides itself on presenting the best musicals. Many shows also make it across the Atlantic to London and other European cities. If you happen to be visiting Norway, you can also see some great Broadway shows in Oslo.

Theaters in Oslo

For people planning to visit Norway, Oslo is a beautiful and vibrant city that combines Norway’s Viking heritage with its modern personality. Comfortable hotels, restaurants with delicious local foods, and fascinating museums are all available. Oslo also has theaters where you can see local plays, such as those by the great Henrik Ibsen. The National Theater presented its first show in 1899 and is still going strong today.

Another beautiful, old theater in Oslo is the Norwegian Theater. Founded in 1912, this venue features three stages and puts on 12-15 shows each year. Plays written by Norwegian playwrights are most often presented.

One of the most popular theaters in Oslo is the Oslo Nye Teater. Owned by the city, this theater opened in 1929 and presents plays, musicals, and other types of shows to its many visitors, both locals and tourists.

For Broadway shows, the place to be in Olso is the Chateau Neuf. Opened in 1971, this beautiful theater is one of Oslo’s largest, seating more than 1000. It presents both revivals and current Broadway shows.

Broadway in Oslo

While visiting Oslo, you can see a Broadway musical, with the best and the brightest making their way to Norway each year. Talented local actors fill out the casts of both classic musicals and the latest shows from The Great White Way. If you are a theater buff visiting Norway, you can scratch your itch in Oslo. It is one of many great reasons to visit the Scandanavian capital. Here are some shows to look for while visiting Oslo.


Of the many shows that you can see in Oslo are revivals of some of the greatest musicals in Broadway history. “West Side Story” is one such musical in Oslo. The classic retelling of “Romeo and Juliet” set in 1950s New York features the jazz-inspired music of Leonard Bernstein. A young Stephen Sondheim also contributed to the score. If you’ve only seen the film, you owe it to yourself to see it as it originally existed. Live on the stage.

Another revival worth seeing is “Cabaret”. Set in Berlin just prior to World War II, it combines great music with a darkly humorous and profound storyline. The frequency with which it is revived is a testament to how beloved this show is. This is another show that was adapted into a terrific movie. Seeing it live adds an entirely different dimension. The entire theater is set up as a cabaret and cast members interact with audience members in character between acts. It’s great fun.

Newer Shows

When planning to see a musical in Oslo, you have many recent Broadway hits to choose from. If you are a fan of the legendary rock band Queen, don’t miss “The Show Must Go On”. Named for the iconic hit, the show is a tribute to the great group fronted by Freddie Mercury, this show has delighted Queen fans of all ages.

Another great show is “Into the Woods”, the Stephen Sondheim musical based on classic fairytales. With a large and colorful cast of characters and catchy music, this show is a big hit with theater fans.

Theater-goers in Norway are looking forward to the arrival of “Jersey Boys” in January of 2022. The story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, the show features the great music of the group and provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the origin and career of the legendary group. Look for the character named “Joey”. It’s quite a fun surprise when you realize who he became. If you plan to be in Oslo next year, don’t miss this one.

Travel is exciting and a great way to broaden one’s horizons. Norway is a wonderful place to visit and its capital Oslo has many places to visit and things to do. For those who love a Broadway musical, Oslo has plenty to offer. Check the schedule for the local theaters, especially the Chateau Neuf to see what shows will be available during your visit. It can add even more fun to your visit.

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