The Essential Self-Care Of Relocation

There are periods in our lives where we begin to lose the feeling of comfort, when our surroundings stop feeling like home. Professions no longer seem to offer the same sense of fulfilment, cities can feel uninspiring. During these times we are often encouraged to power through or to approach our lives with a fresh perspective, as well as being actively discouraged from quitting or leaving on the premise that such an act would be selfish.

This is is particularly interesting because it imbues the word selfish with immense negativity when, really, it is a form of self-care that can sometimes be essential. At a time when you begin to feel alienated from your place of work and home, it seems then justifiable that leaving to start afresh would be the right thing to do, especially if it allows you to once again be happy.

Relocation can often offer the perfect opportunity to restore your well-being. In life, we may often find ourselves making the decisions that offer the least resistance, those that ultimately trap us. To find a way out and place ourselves in the countries, cities, and streets that most fulfil us is a worthy endeavour.

What Motivates You?

When choosing to relocate, you may not know where to begin. Opportunities can, paradoxically, feel both plentiful and sparse at the same time. This is why it is important to pursue what works for you, without compromising so as to avoid inevitably ending up in a similarly unhappy situation.

Seeking out the inspiration of other projects, those adventures shared by people who found themselves in similar situations, such as Escape To Sicily, can be a great way, not only to garner inspiration but also to prepare and understand the hurdles that you are likely to face when beginning to relocate. By recognising these issues earlier on, such as potential costs, visas, and opportunities, you will have a more realistic idea of what to expect, allowing you to envision the length of time and amount of money your new life will need.

Take The Chance

While planning is an essential part of any relocation, it should not entirely eclipse your adventure. Often it is the sense of routine and obligation that prompts people to escape their current lifestyle. If they are then ever to recapture their joy in life, a sense of risk is mandatory. This can be enacted with the seizing of opportunities, such as saying ‘Yes!’ to a new job or apartment, anything that helps to make the initial transition.

This is important to mention because, much like taking the leap from a plane to skydive, the initial leap of relocation can be the most challenging to make, which is why simply taking action is often more substantial than perpetually delaying your adventure out of anxiety and concern.

Share Your Happiness

Remember the reasoning for your relocation, especially if it is for your own well-being because, if you are not currently happy in life then you are also not able to share any happiness with others. And it is for this reason that selfishness can never totally be an act of self-interest, not when it can bring benefits to others too.

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