What are the famous places to visit in Mumbai city?

Mumbai is very well considered the city of dreams in India due to which it is very much popular. This particular place is definitely helpful in providing people with a very amazing charm along with a pulsating vibe which will be helpful in providing people with a good number of benefits and ultimately will be spreading like magic. This particular city has been very much successful in serving itself as the commercial capital of India but now it is also home to different kinds of tourist attractions as well. So, as a tourist, plan your stay in St Regis Mumbai because thenyou will be able to have the perfect experience in this city of dreams.

Following are some of the basic places that you can easily visit in this city:

  1. Gateway of India:This place was built in 1984 and is the colossal gateway of India which is the best place to be visited in this city. This is placed on the Arabian Sea and very well overlooks the Mumbai harbour. It has been very well designed in a very specific kind of architectural style and was mainly conducted to memorise the visit of King George five and Queen Mary to Bombay. The complete construction took proximately four years and basically this is a very prime attraction of the city of Mumbai which makes it a very popular destination among beat the best foreign tourists.
  2. Elephanta caves: This is another very important place that you should visit in this particular city because this is very well covered in the UNESCO World Heritage site list. This is located approximately 11 km away from Gateway of India and is very well placed on a particular island. This is also known as the city of caves and is the most important position of the rock art culture of India. The ancient archaeological relics or a clear-cut proof that the history of India is very well rich based on this particular area.
  3. ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharajVastuSangrahalaya: Visiting this particular place is also a very good idea because this is very well-known as the Prince of Wales Museum. This is a very famous place near the Gateway of India and probably is the biggest possible museum in the entire city. It is very much helpful in Shobha Singh the artefacts from all over the nation and the best part is that architecture of this place is a perfect combination of Islamic, British and Hindu styles. This place is one of the most important places which will be helpful in providing people with a good understanding of archaeology, natural history and art simultaneously.
  4. Jehangir Art Gallery: This is another very vital place that people need to visit in the city of Mumbai and is a very important venue for Indian artists. There are approximately four holes in this particular gallery and the popularity of this gallery can be easily guessed by the popular artists who are waiting for a couple of months to showcase their work here. If you are a good lover of art then you definitely need to visit this particular place to enjoy the best possible satisfaction for your talent.
  5. Sanjay Gandhi National Park:If you are a wildlife lover then visiting this particular place is definitely a good idea because it is one of the most important places to be visited in the city of Mumbai. The rich variety of animals and flowers in this particular place will be helpful in attracting a good number of visitors every year which makes it one of the most popular national parks in entire Asia. This is one of the most important attractions which people need to focus on in the city so that everybody will be able to enjoy the best possible wildlife safari without any problem. This place is very well spread across 104 km² of the area and includes 40 species of mammals, 38 price pressures and 50,000 species of insects.
  6. Siddhivinayak Temple: This place is very well situated near the Dadar railway station and was constructed in 1881. This particular temple is receiving thousands of devotees on daily basis and a small hall of Lord Ganesha is there who is helpful in fulfilling the wishes of all of the bodies. Huge wooden doors and the carvings of the gate include the manifestations of Lord Ganesha and the inner roof of this particular temple is goldplated. The beautiful idol of the Lord in the black stone is also standing in the middle and on both sides of the idol, there are idols of the better half of Lord Riddhi and Siddhi. Visiting this particular place is definitely a great idea for people so that they can enjoy the fulfilment of their wishes very successfully.
  7. Mahalakshmi Temple: This place is one of the most important religious sites in the city of Mumbai it was built in 1831 and is very well dedicated to God Mahalakshmi. This particular Temple is also having well-adorned idols of Goddess MahakaliMahasaraswati who are also beautified with necklaces, bangles, nose rings and other associated ornaments. This particular temple is a very heavy pilgrim rush site during the Navratri festival and the complex of the temple is also having shops who are selling garments which can be easily used by the what is during the worshipping.
  8. Essel World: This is one of the most fantastic places to be visited in the city of Mumbai, especially with children. This place was opened in 1986 and the amusement park can be easily visited on all days of the week between 11 AM-7 PM on the weekdays and 10 AM-7 PM on the weekend. There is also a very huge food court inside the park which will be helpful in providing people with the best satisfaction to be tastebuds in addition to the entertainment of the rights.

Hence, planning the stay in stregis Mumbai is definitely a good idea for people so that everyone will be able to have the perfect experience in this city without any doubt. Ultimately with such state options, people will be able to enjoy easy access to the best places and ultimately have an amazing experience in this charming city to make the vacation, a memorable one.

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