I know you are excited to be visiting Los Angeles and maybe catch a glimpse of your favorite Hollywood celebrities hanging out. However, it is easy to get engrossed in the sprawl and forget to explore the city altogether. Los Angeles is a fabulous and diverse city, and there are many other things to discover during your visit. As you plan your visit to LA, click here for more fight details and learn about some things you should expect during your stay.

Los Angeles is a vast city.

Have in mind that LA is a vast city that stretches out widely from the Santa Monica Mountains on the Westside to the San Gabriel Mountains on the East. Unlike many other cities where you can step off the plane and get a train to get you in the CBD in minutes, that is not the case with LA. It can take time to move from one side to the other, and again, the train is not there yet.

Downtime is 30miles away from the beach, and you can be in the city and still be far away from other things, also technically in LA. Most locals have not even mastered the whole town so, it is okay if you don’t during your first visit. If you want to use your time well, research about the places you want to visit first. Again, have a google map to guide you through not to lose your way in the city.

Many unique neighborhoods

Los Angeles has many neighborhoods that have unique experiences. All of them have their charm and beautiful sites to visit. Try visiting Santa Monica, Downtown, Beverly Hills, the famous Hollywood before your time is up. There are many worthwhile attractions in Silver Lake, Venice Beach, and Echo Park, where you will be spoilt for choice.

Downtown hosts many fashion and art centers, and you could spend a whole day there exploring. It is wise to have a plan and a to-do list to ensure you don’t miss out on any crucial activity you need to do in LA. Generally, there are many cities sandwiched inside LA. From fancy suburbs to exciting beachfront towns, you will not get enough of the city, which might be a good thing to plan a second-time visit.

Rent a car in the city

It is challenging to get around LA without a car. So, as soon as you arrive in the city, rent a car. Even though you can still catch cabs, your vehicle will give you the freedom to move around the neighborhoods as much as you can, and you won’t have to suffer fare hikes during peak hours. It is difficult to get around the entire city using buses, and you can end up more tired.

Having a car allows you to get away from the bustling city into the wonderlands and charming LA areas. You will be able to go for day trips and spend your precious time hiking in some of the city’s fabulous trails.

Read the signs as you drive.

Los Angeles residents love their cars, and having one is the absolute way to blend in. However, observe the road signs as you drive and watch where you park. The city is famous for its complex car parking rules, so be careful to avoid incurring hefty fines.

Be extra keen when parking on the street side and read the signs before you park. You don’t want to incur towing charges and parking tickets during your visit. There are some strategic parking slots around the city, but you will have to pay for them. They can be worth some pretty penny due to their convenient locations, but you will have peace of mind knowing your car will still be there when you come back. Have some extra money in your budget to facilitate parking.

Beware of the traffic.

The traffic gets horrible during the rush hours so ensure you check on time to avoid being on the road for hours. Plus, it would be best to get on the road earlier enough to your destination since the traffic could cost you a precious reservation. Plan your way earlier to avoid being on transit during bumper to bumper traffic.

Keep your google map on to receive updates about traffic delays but if you have a reservation or meeting, include an extra 30minutes to avoid missing out on time deadlines due to unexpected traffic. It is better to get there in advance than to lose a reservation or miss an important meeting.

Prepare for the weather.

The weather in LA is mostly a light breeze with plenty of sun most of the year. However, the weather is primarily breezy, and the marine layer means that it can be foggy and chilly in the mornings. Do not forget your sweater and your sunscreen too.The water can be cold on the beaches, unlike the air temperature, and you may need to rent a wetsuit if you wish to surf on the California waves.

The residents call LA a golden state because you can’t go wrong visiting at any time of the year. If you want to visit during warm weather, do so in mid-July to around October.

There are so many activities to do

As earlier mentioned, it won’t be easy to get enough LA on a single trip since there is so much to explore. The city is always changing with new diversion, and it cannot be easy to see everything in one day. The best thing is to solicit advice from a local and see where the wave takes you if you don’t have any definite plans.

The final words

As you plan your visit to LA, keep the above things in mind so that you can get the most out of your sojourn. The best way to navigate the large city is to split your stay. You can stay in different cities and plan your activities around the city you are based in. That will help you avoid the painstaking process of crisscrossing from one end to the other. Otherwise, the city is beautiful, vibrant, and charming and will live you with memorable experiences.

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