What to Know about Hotel Accommodation when Traveling as 18-Year-Old

People of any age can choose to travel; however, hotels have restrictions. High school groups may plan long trips on their vacation. Planning the travel with an adult accompanying them would help them avoid any hurdles. However, not all teenagers include adults in their travel plans. Although the thought of traveling all by yourself or with your friends would sound exciting, you should pay attention to some practical considerations, including the age limit for hotel accommodation.

You Have to Be at Least 18 in Most States

If you want to travel and are worried that you might not be able to book a hotel because you are a little over 18, you can stop worrying. The good news is that you can find many hotels for 18+. This means you don’t have to cancel that trip you are planning to take.

In most states in the United States, you need to be 18 years old to rent a hotel room. But, some hotels that have an older clientele might raise their age requirements up to 21 or 25 years old. Thus, regardless of how badly you wanted to go to a state with all your friends in high school, you wouldn’t have been allowed legally due to liability reasons and contract enforcement.

Contract Validity

Some hotels worry about reinforcing contracts as minors are not legally allowed to sign contracts. If hotels allow minors to do otherwise, they couldn’t chase these guys for not paying the hotel charges when they choose not to. To avoid these risks and losses, some hotels establish policies that don’t allow minors in their rooms.

Liability Concerns

Some hotels don’t want to be responsible for teenagers or young travelers. When these travelers stay in the hotel and get into some issues in a foreign land, the hotel would also be in focus. To avoid this risk, hotels have strict policies in place on age restrictions even when the legal age limit is not the issue.

Some Hotels Have Exceptions

Using credit cards for payment is another factor that complicates hotel bookings for minors. Some hotels might allow an adult, parent, or guardian to make the booking in advance using their credit card and allow the minor to stay. Also, a minor may have to carry a letter from their parent or guardian. No matter the case, it is best to talk to the hotel and get a confirmation before you check-in.

Things to Keep in Mind when you Travel as an 18-Year-Old

Some hotels may bend the rules and ignore the legal age limits. But, you will want to stay away from hotels that don’t follow the legislation. Thus, it is best to ask around and do some research to determine exceptions to the age restriction. Make sure to give the hotel concierge a call to confirm for yourself. And when you book a room, remember that some hotels may not offer a full refund when they find out the traveler is too young to allow the stay. If you don’t want to lose your money and spoil your trip, find a credible hotel that lets travelers of your age stay and confirm with the hotel before you make your final decision.

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