Sharing your Holiday Experience on Personalized Newspaper: What to Share

After an eventful holiday, the first thing most people want to do is reflect. But, as much as there may be a million things to do, you cannot afford not to tell your story. Giving a story of your holiday or travel experience through a blog, posting videos, or doing an in-person presentation can positively impact both you and the persons listening to your story.

However, telling a holiday story is not as easy as people assume; it takes courage and knowing precisely what to share. You can share your story through newspaper printing to reach a broad audience, give the users a sensory experience, and increase the viewing frequency.

Here is what you need to talk about to share your holiday story effectively.

  1. Share photos

One of the best ways to share your holiday experience is through photos, and that is why you are advised not to leave your camera behind as you travel. You can get a representative image of your holiday or several photos that best describe your experience.

You can then draft a story consisting of a few sentences for each of your selected photos. For example, this could be about the location where the image was captured and who you were with in the picture. It could also be about the best thing about your holiday relevant to the image you share. You can easily do this through newspaper printing.

  1. Activities you immersed yourself in

There is no better way to describe your holiday than talking about the activities you immersed yourself in. This could be in the form of an itinerary. For instance, you could have a topic like “Fun Family Activities to do in Venezuela.”

If you enjoyed particular activities during your holiday, share the experience. It could be anything from learning how to make the local cuisine of your travel destination, beach walks, visits to museums or parks, and even the nightlife.

Remember that your holiday experience is essentially the things you got to do. So whichever way you describe them, it will be a worthy read for people interested in holidays and travel.

  1. The most surprising thing about your holiday/ travel destination/ experience

Believe it or not, most people want to know what was unique about your holiday experience or things that made it exceptional. Whether it is a discovery or culture shock, this is something you want to put down in print.

Your holiday experience should give the readers something out of the norm. This will make the publication enjoyable, increase the viewing frequency, and encourage action.


There are tons of things you could write about regarding your holiday experience, especially if you happened to travel. It could be about different cultures, new food that you ate, a new language you learned, a discovery, a packing list that would come in handy, or even frustrations you experienced during your holiday.

Writing about your holiday and travel experience is a great way to inspire readers and encourage them to venture into new things and places in the world.

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