Tools to Help You Plan Your Trip to Chamonix Ski Resort

A snow globe filled with fresh powder. Spectacular black runs for experts and exhilarating off-piste skiing for intermediates. A variety of nursery slopes for novices. Panoramic sun terraces, delectable mountain restaurants and the iconic Vallée Blanche. Sitting just below Lake Geneva and set across five stunning mountains, Chamonix is one of the most famous Alpine ski areas in the world. Click into a pair of skis and hit the snow with these 4 tools to help you plan your trip to Chamonix Ski Resort.

  1. Snow is falling

We all do it before we go on holiday; check the weather, hope it’s going to do exactly what we want and feel relieved when it does. When it comes to skiing, using a snow forecast tool is even more important. As well as being able to track sunny days and snowfall, you can also learn how many pistes and lifts are available. Keep the forecast handy for safety, navigation and mapping out your days. This will help you determine when you might be able to fit in an early morning skiing session and when you might just need to retreat to the spa instead.

  1. Eyes on the prize

Chamonix terrain is beautiful but tough and safety should always be at the forefront. Sure, you can hire ski equipment in a resort, but having your own goggles and helmet that fit perfectly will make your adventures more enjoyable. Get the best ski goggles and helmets for 2022 by using an expert review guide and ensure your eyes and head are protected from both the elements and injuries. Using an expert-led tool helps you find the right solutions for reducing glare, protecting your cranium and keeping warm.

  1. Wear your heart on your sleeve

Ripping through the resort at a hundred miles an hour? Wearable tech is huge when it comes to adventures in the snow. Chamonix offers up plenty of varied terrain for alpine and backcountry skiers and having a cutting edge fitness tracker on your wrist means you can keep tabs on all your activity metrics. Smartwatches just keep getting better and better; think solar-powered battery life, music storage, heart rate monitoring, ski sports mode and contactless payment so you don’t even need to carry your wallet.

  1. A personal virtual coach

Serious about improving your performance? Love a bit of tech? How about an AI ski coach that will pinpoint your weaknesses and help you perfect your technique? The CARV invisible wearable slots under your ski boot liner to monitor and rate your balance, edging, pressure and rotary. This high-tech wearable offers real-time coaching and tips for skiers at all levels, giving you the edge to become a pro in no time.

Whether you’re using snow forecast tools or the latest wearable tech, with these Chamonix essentials you’ll be ready to conquer the slopes.

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