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Congratulations for those who have lately began a travel agent. Hold on, your projects just begun. You need unleashing important tactics, to allow sustained and relentless business growth. Following are couple of easiest, fastest and quickest ways of boost the sales of the recently began travel agent. Follow every enquiry with five steps of professional communication. Among the greatest mistakes that the majority of the new travel companies commit isn’t constantly following every enquiry. The easiest method to start with this really is to possess a salesforce where every consultant without fear professionally ‘talks’ to the enquirer. Following are couple of easy steps of communication:

A courtesy call to locate exactly what the inquirer feels concerning the information provided to him

E-mail extra information or tip quickly concerning the prospect’s trip.

Further send them instructions thanking them for enquiring.

Follow-up call to discover their future plans and provide them further assistance. By now, you effectively establish rapport together it’s a proper time to inquire about them concerning the booking details along with a final commitment.

Each one of these steps are interchangeable and the bottom line is they happen within the different mediums like telephone calls, junk mail and e-mail.

Kinds of Travel Agencies

Among the primary functions of those agencies would be to behave as a real estate agent. Including reservations, selling travel products and tickets and so forth, with respect to one or many suppliers. Usually, travel specialists charge a little commission from the total cost. Take a look at some different kind of agencies:

Commercial and Business Travel Agencies

Many of these agencies possess a department of economic and leisure travel. The necessity and needs of 1 traveler and yet another has a tendency to vary in couple of ways, and for that reason, dividing the responsibilities in various departments helps either department to specialize, finding deals for that leisure travelers on a single hands and deals for business travelers however. However, you will find couple of agencies focusing on business and commercial travel only. Incidentally, you will find very little agencies restricting themselves solely to leisure travel.

Cargo Travel Agencies

You will find couple of travel agencies focusing on shipping cargo. Certainly, and that’s not completely relevant if you’re planning to fly for private or business reasons. Still, this shows in the number of different areas a company can specialize.

Niche and Multi- Destination Agencies

If you wish to divide it in only two kinds of agencies, you’ve niche and multi – destination agencies. Multi-Destination are out- bound travel agencies which are large offering flights to the world. Niche agencies are independent concentrating on a particular place in the world. The majority of the niche agencies focus on the people who have families for the reason that country or who choose business regularly. Consider individual preferences, trip objectives and requires while picking out a tour operator. Various kinds of agencies offer different type and degree of services. If you’re a regular traveler then you might want to use large corporate travel agent getting branches around the globe.

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