How about Sightseeing in Ouray

Sightseeing in Ouray is a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery and natural surroundings of this corner of Spain. This small town is located in the northern part of Galicia and is named after the mountain which dominates the landscape. The name comes from the old tale that the town was founded by a Spanish nobleman, when he saw a cloud covering the sun and thought it was a sign that a battle was about to take place between the two sides.

Sightseeing in Ouray offers an insight into the life of the people of the Andalusian province during the Middle Ages, when the Christian soldiers were conquering lands around them. They came across a beautiful nature reserve called the Canyelles de San Bartolome, which was a favourite location for the Royalty to stay in and spend their holidays. The area became known as a holiday resort, when tourists began travelling there in droves, and it has remained that way. Today, sightseeing in Ouray can be a delightful experience if you stay in Ouray Chalet Inn.

The town of Ouray lies in the south-western part of the coastal area and is surrounded by sea on all sides. It is quite literally surrounded by water, making it ideal for sailing and water sports. There are many wrecks in the area which offer a fascinating glimpse into the past. Sightseeing in Ouray offers a great opportunity to explore these natural treasures and see sea life. There is a growing number of boat tours available. Take a look at how they have been restored by nature.

Many of the historic buildings and places of interest are open to the public, but you may find it a little more difficult to get to. There is plenty of information available, and plenty of buildings to explore. Some of the smaller town shops are now owned by the Andalusian tourism authorities and are open for viewing on some days. Galicia is famous for its farming heritage, and most of the towns in Galicia have a taste of local produce.

Sightseeing in Ouray offers an excellent chance to sample traditional Andalusian food. Pastry fish dishes are a particular favourite, and there is also a large variety of fruit and cheese products. Sheep meat is also readily available and the delicious local white sauce is delicious. Barbeque chicken is also popular. Galicians are renowned for their excellent wines, which are made from red grapes. This region also has a good wine culture, and it is said that the Spanish found their country on the Galician coast because of the fresh water supply.

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