Travel Expert Gennady Podolsky Discusses What Makes Him Effective; Explores Motivation & Inspiration

Gennady Podolsky has spent much of his life traveling the world, writing about his experiences, and helping others to do the same. A world-renowned travel writer and agent, Podolsky is a tech-first entrepreneur who attended Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. During his time in school, Podolsky would introduce a leading tech-first travel company to help facilitate the needs of his clients. This happened at a time before the saturation of applications and online booking processes.

Thanks to Gennady Podolsky’s early work, the writer was able to introduce his clients and colleagues to the kind of bespoke travel services that they required in order to live out the trip of their dreams. Now firmly established in the industry, Podolsky sat down with the team at Ideamensch to discuss and explore how he came to where he is to this day.

The Role of a Leader

Gennady Podolsky has always been one to lead whatever room he is in. As a result, Podolsky has made it a habit of his to build teams where everyone is working in a position that they enjoy. Podolsky likes to embolden his teammates to live better by thriving in situations where their strengths are maximized.

Podolsky says of his process, “I tend to focus on my strengths and delegate the rest. I also help people around me to do the same.”

Podolsky would go on to emphasize the importance of a collaborative environment. Podolsky added to the conversation, “This creates the right environment where everyone is where they want to be and is doing what they love.”

On the idea of teamwork and collaboration, Podolsky says that it is important to find colleagues that are willing to match your passion and mirror your vision. Podolsky says, “It is important to have great collaborators and staff who share your vision and passion and complement your strengths and weaknesses.”

In order to find the right people to add to his team, Podolsky selected his staff by adhering to the Kolby Principles. A focus on curating the right team can help pay off in the long run.

Staying Sharp and Focused

Innovation and motivation are two concepts that entrepreneurs and travel experts must always be willing and ready to find. Podolsky likes to keep an ear out for podcasts and scientific articles to stay sharp and focused within his role. Podolsky says, “I am a big believer in technology and science and its potential to make our lives better.”

Podolsky would go on to explain that the utilization of technology has helped in his ability to create a better working environment. Podolsky added, “I think that AI has the potential to revolutionize our world.”

When he finds himself stuck or otherwise at an impasse, Podolsky likes to take a step away from the office. Podolsky says at these moments, he wants to let his imagination wander and his feet follow.

Podolsky understands that there are many problems still to face in the world as well as in his personal career. Podolsky prefers to focus on something other than those issues, instead focusing on the positive.

Podolsky says, “I am confident that humanity will find the solutions and continue making the world a better place.”

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