Counting Cards in Blackjack

This strategy is mostly suited for real casinos, but you could find a site hosting a blackjack game suited for the card counting strategy. However, you will have to find a site that tries to imitate the real blackjack games. The card counting strategy can be applied if the dealer doesn’t shuffle the pack of cards after every casino games online for real money game. This way, you will be able to remember the cards that are still in the game, so you could predict the next cards that will be drawn. For simplicity, you must number the cards as follows: This way, you will only need to remember the total. For example, if blackjack Board and an are out of the game after the first round, your total will Count the cards for the first games, and as the pack is consuming, start entering the game with some consistent bets.

If your total is over 0, it means that royal cards and aces are still in the game. This is why you should bet more. If you have a negative total, it means that only small cards are still in the game, therefore it is advisable for you to quit as soon as possible.

You can also number the cards using different methods. As your skill grows, you will discover other methods to value the cards, suited for your playing style and skill.

How to Avoid Scam Casinos

It might seem hard to believe, but there are still scam casinos online, even with the harsh regulations and penalties imposed by the gambling authorities. As we are talking about serious money involved, the investments needed for such a scam are huge. This is why the hackers developing those scams are smart and financially potent. They can develop advanced websites looking like casinos, having all the payment methods and proprieties of a normal online casino. Here are some hints about avoiding such fake or clone casinos: Check the forums and blogs.

Usually, the people that were scammed are posting their experiences online, experiences that would be useful for you also see the history of the website. The fake casinos are never Scam Casino lasting more than a few days before the authorities would find them. If you are able to find a casino with a long history online, it means the casino is reliable. Check the payment methods. The real money casino australia would give you the possibility to pay using different methods, but make sure the site is security checked. The safest badge is “Verified by VISA”.

 If you see such a badge, you can be sure that nothing wrong could happen with your money. Don’t take this matter lightly. Once the hackers would manage to brain your banking details, the next step is to empty your cards completely. This is why it is also advisable to use a simple card for your online payments. Don’t use your salary card, or a card having an overdraft. However, the simplest method to avoid a problem is to prevent it, and you can do this by signing up only with reliable online casinos.

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